Thursday, 7 November 2013


Sometimes i do felt like 'this is wrong' , 'this is not good' , 'why i be like this?' , 'why me?' .  You love someone? U want her/him? Feel loved? For me, yes i want and now i got someone who really really special to me. First time i saw her, my heart keep whisper to me, "Go talk to her", don't even know when we two start talking to each other, start to contact, start to get close. at first i really really not sure about my own feeling, is that real? am i crazy? plus i'm in relationship with my ex, so why i got this feeling? So i just take it easy, just friend, not more or less. 

Day by day, we two getting close and close and close. But unfortunately our relationship as a close friend was stop, maybe because i'm not sure about own feeling? well i think so? and she fall in love with another girl which is my friend, which is i don't know about them. we two become a stranger. So i decided to stay away and move on. ouh fucking hurt sob sob :'( at the same time i got a big problem with my ex and i decided to clash with him. so i'm free. can i get close with her? again? but no luck for me, she was happy with her new girl, Hmmmm *sad face. 

But when i really really want stay away from her, everything just suck man. yes a bit hard to avoid myself to not saw her because we two in the same class. but i don't know why, every time we have a group work or assignment, me and her confirm in the same group. WHYYYYYY. Is that fate? Hahaha yes i think :p stop here!

Yes Fate! Now me and her are in relationship. Yesterday 6/11 are our fourth monthsary. How me and her become a couple? Rahsia :p how she propose me? Rahsia :p what ever it's, im really really in love with her. i learnt  so many things from her. Now i have someone that i can manja manja with :p laugh together, sad together. Thanks to You, I had a lot of "First Time's". you're the best indeed :)

now i do not think about all those question anymore. i feel happy now than before. Have someone beside me who always support me, angry me when i do a bad thing, For me if u really love someone just go on. go get her/him. u will feel what i felt, it worth when u waiting and make efforts to take her/him heart. and even i know there will be END in this relationship, but for now i just wanna make a lot of beautiful memories for me to remember :) Thanks.

terimakasih cinta

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